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GPS Tracking Solutions - Track Your Vehicle Real-Time Location - Track anything anytime from anywhere!! ICAT | ARAI | AIS 140 Approved Vehicle Tracker Devices in Mumbai

GPS tracking systems are widely being used to track the whereabouts of a vehicle, and are commonly used for a variety of purposes, both professional and personal.  In the present fast-moving corporate environment, companies often use such tracking devices to prevent the misuse of company vehicles by employees. The GPS vehicle tracking system in Mumbai allows employers to track exactly where employees are going, how long they stop at a given place, and at what speed they are traveling. In personal cases, if you suspect that your spouse is having an affair, a discreet mini and AIS 140 GPS tracking device can let you know exactly where they are going, and when.

It is important to realize there are two different types of GPS tracking systems. The first one is Passive GPS tracking systems & real-time GPS tracking. Passive GPS tracking systems, also known as historical data loggers, are an economical way to track vehicles.  Such a passive data logger system does not require the user to pay a monthly subscription fee because the results are not reported in real-time. They are stored on the device for the user to review at a later time. The data can be downloaded to a PC via a USB data port.

What is Automotive Industry Standard (AIS) 140? Approved and Certification:

One of the most widely implemented methods to mitigate such traffic problems is the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). It is an umbrella term that subsumes traffic management solutions, public transport management, emergency management, etc.
The Government of India has recently decided to frame policies to implement ITS in collaboration with a Geneva-based road federation corporation. The standards laid down would take care of several issues that plague the public transportation services.

Under ITS, the Automotive Industry Standard (AIS) along with the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) has framed certain AIS Guidelines and AIS 140 is one among them.

Automotive Industry Standard 140 (AIS 140) is a set of standards published by ARAI (Automotive) for vehicle tracking systems, camera surveillance systems, and emergency request buttons.

With the mandate of the government applicable from April 2018, to essentially follow the AIS 140 standard, it becomes necessary for all commercial vehicle owners to equip their vehicles with the latest modules available.

While equipping vehicles with AIS 140 certified devices, vehicle owners must keep in mind certain guidelines that have been laid by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) to safeguard their vehicles from being blacklisted on the roads. These guidelines include all of the following vehicles:

  •  State and government-owned buses and vehicles
  •  Ambulances and all emergency response vehicles
  •  All educational institutions vehicles
  •  Rented cars and vehicles
  • Automatic Vehicle Location Tracking
  •  Vehicle Health monitoring
  •  In-vehicle video surveillance and recording
  •  Emergency Request
  •  In-vehicle passenger information
  •  In-vehicle automatic ticketing

Real-time GPS tracking systems generally utilize cellular wireless or satellite communication, allowing the user to receive real-time information on the location of a vehicle. Therefore, monthly subscription fees are usually involved with this type of tracking program, making it more expensive to use than a passive Vehicle Tracker Device Mumbai. But a real-time GPS system is ideal if you need to know the immediate whereabouts of a vehicle or person at any given time.

There are several GPS service providers in Mumbai. However, if you perform proper internet research you can easily land with the best Vehicle Tracker Device Mumbai. There are models such as the Sleuth Gear Quick Track Pro that even allow for two-way audio communication between you and the vehicle driver.

If you really need a powerful fleet management tool for company vehicles or just need to know where your teen is up to when they go out with friends, there are many models and price ranges of GPS tracking units available at online stores.

Benefits of using Android & IOS GPS tracking apps in Mumbai

  •  This will help in reducing your insurance costs as several insurance companies provide better deals and lower premiums for fleets that have a vehicle tracking system installed.
  •  You will now have definitive evidence of when and where the deliveries were made and thus there is no scope for any kind of dispute over departure or arrival times.
  •  The paperwork that your drivers have to spend time filling in is greatly reduced, and thus that time can be utilized for other tasks.
  •  Reduced vehicle standing time and overtime costs

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GPS Tracking Solutions - Track Your Vehicle Real-Time Location - Track anything anytime from anywhere!! ICAT | ARAI | AIS 140 Approved GPS Tracking Devices in Mumbai