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If you are a Parent, School Business Manager, School Van Owner,

 We understand the pain when you are unable to track your kids!!

Safe and effective transportation of students is becoming one of the key challenges for any school administration and parents as well. The GPS School Bus Tracking System Greater Noida would thus be helpful in the effective management of bus routes, monitoring drivers, and ensuring child safety.

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Child safety has become one of the prime concerns, especially in Tier 1 & 2 cities. The school transport tracking system has several benefits entrusted with both the safety and education of children. The school administration is always seeking to effectively manage student transportation and thereby taking the help of the school GPS System/Software Greater Noida.

Benefits of GPS Trackers Greater Noida

  •  Tracking all students on board
  •  Tracking any unforeseen situations
  •  Enhanced Conveyance Management
  •  Tracking the halt, speed, and idle state of buses
  •  Real-time monitoring & transportation of vehicles
  •  Regular monitoring to prevent delays in bus arrivals

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If the school bus is enabled with modern GPS Technology parents can always view the live moments of buses and school authorities can always be alerted in case of overspeeding by the drivers. In some technical cases, an alert can be7 generated when the device attached to the school bus has been tampered with. The modern Vehicle Tracker Greater Noida also has the option of geo-fencing, wherein a geographical perimeter/boundary can be set for your school bus.

How GPS technology is helpful for the School Transport GPS Tracking System?

  •  Theft recovery
  •  Low operational costs &
  •  Increase in productivity
  •  Internal memory for data storage in the absence of network area
  •  Internal memory to Minimize Fuel Costs

There are several Kids GPS tracking systems that incorporate a variety of features plus an SOS button that takes care of the child to instantly send a message for help to five different people.  It could mean the difference between life and death in serious situations. There are several Kids GPS tracking devices that use the Internet to report the child's location and send out alerts via the company's website.

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