Affordable and Cloud based Heavy Vehicle GPS Tracker

Affordable and Cloud based Heavy Vehicle GPS Tracker

Keep an eye on your vehicle with the car’s GPS tracking system


The mining and construction industry is fully dependent on GPS monitoring, tracking, and navigational data due to highway constructions, surveyors and so on. The Vehicle Tracker Devicehase has been replaced with in-cabin vehicle guidance and control systems for excavators, graders, bulldozers and road paving machines. Modern and advanced specialty vehicles have enabled highly trained drivers to program their vehicles in response to pre-programmed site plans.


GPS Vehicle Tracking System gives managers real-time information about their drivers for


  • Improved safety thereby lowering insurance costs
  • Making Informed decisions that help improve customer service
  • Lowering down business costs as to stay competitive without sacrificing services


AIS 140 Certified Best GPS Tracker for Trucks for Commercial Heavy Trucks, Tailors, Containers etc.


GPS Devices make it easy for managers to track the location and behavior of their drivers.  It thus helps enforce safety standards as


  • Identify drivers who speed up or drive haphazardly
  • Helps drivers avoid heavy traffic and accidents
  • Alert management whenever a vehicle breaks down or in case of trouble
  • Warn drivers about weather conditions – tornadoes, hurricanes, fierce storms – that could endanger company vehicles.
  • Identify drivers who are off route and who leave designated routes or make unauthorized stops
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking System helps in improving customer service


 Get Affordable Heavy Commercial Vehicles GPS Tracking System Prices in India


The Oil and Gas Industry and School Tracking System are helpful in improving customer service   as the GPS tracker takes care of your fleet activities.  Heavy Vehicle GPS Tracker. let’s you know more about your fleet’s activities and thereby make more informed choices that will benefit the services your clients receive. Some of the key benefits of using GPS trackers include


  • Know exactly where your vehicle is located
  • Keep drivers on task
  • Find efficient routes that reduce delivery times and increase overall productivity
  • Offer real time updates as to let clients know when deliveries arrive
  • Lower business costs with GPS trackers


Our GPS Device Features


Fuel Monitoring – its Cost Saving!!

Alerts – Be informed every time, before time!

Geofence & POI – Geo-fence – nothing skips out of the boundary you set around your assets without your notice.

Live Tracking – Keep an eye on every movement!

History Track – Visit tracking and trip history for better planned journeys in terms of information and expenses.

Security Features – Nobody but you own the complete security of your precious vehicle.

Replay – You can always reply with the last day of all vehicle run history. You can track daily basis runs and consume fuel expenses.

Automatic Start Stop – Help with our GPS Tracker so you can start/stop vehicle engines, which protect unnecessary vehicle movement.


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