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GPS Tracking System

Indian truck drivers travel a number of the longest distances within the world, and this presents major challenges to truck fleet operators with regard to security, safety, efficiency and profitability.


GPS truck tracking devices and tracking systems can help trucking companies enhance driver safety and customer service, reduce truck wear-and-tear, fuel and other costs and improve business margins.


This page contains information about the prices and details of varied India truck trackers, GPS tracking technology and business benefits of using GPS tracking systems.


WorldTrack GPS offers a good range of GPS tracking solutions. Contact us for a free quote using the pricing form on the proper.

GPS Truck Tracker Hardware Cost


Truck Tracking devices are an electronic hardware item of which there are several different models available counting on features and solutions required. WorldTrack GPS offers a variety of truck trackers.


These truck trackers incorporate complex electronics including a GPS satellite location module and a mobile network communication module to send data to you, the truck fleet operator.


Consequently, GPS truck tracking device hardware costs can range from Rs. 3999 to 9999 each. Though this is often a once-off cost and therefore the trackers will work for several years. WorldTrack GPS trackers company a variety of warranty options and are supported in India by our head office.


Ongoing Costs for GPS Truck Trackers


Tracking devices has got to communicate which features a cost. We recommend Make in India based GPS devices in India as they need the widest coverage, but Airtel and Vodafone-Idea can also be used.


Installing a Truck Tracker


For a device that needs fitting to your truck(s) it is best to leave that to an experienced auto electrician or other installer from a car alarm / car audio shop. WorldTrack GPS features several installers around India, otherwise you can use your existing truck electronics installer.


Installation costs vary, counting on who you employ and therefore the additional features that require connecting (if required), like various tracker inputs and outputs for fuel levels, etc.


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The affordable price for a basic truck tracking device installation can vary from Rs. 3999 to 9999 depending upon who you employ.


Engine Management alerts with Truck Trackers


In addition to tracking data, an entire range of engine parameters are often monitored to assist you in managing the “health” of your truck or other vehicle including: AIS 140, IRNSS, GNSS, NavIC, fuel loss or high fuel usage, engine overheating, a “heavy” foot on the accelerator, long drive times, no end for rest, and the engine checks.

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